HIre an award-winning speaker on
live streaming hybrid events 

steph will speak and stream your conference

A respected thought leader, Steph is a frequently requested speaker on hybrid events and topics of innovation.

Have you considered streaming your conference? Steph offers streaming services to conferences in which she is a speaker. This no-risk option allows you to share your content with a wider audience. Steph will pay the expenses and take care of the streaming. A revenue share will compensate your association and Hybrid Events Authority. Together, we will build a successful hybrid event for your association. 


Current Educational Sessions



YOu're about to enter a
hybrid crash course

In our most requested session, Steph will wow your audience by unpacking the basics of creating a hybrid event. Participants will walk away with the fundamentals of planning and the items needed to make any hybrid event a success. 


The "why" of hybrid events

What you need to know
to be Relevant in 2018

Technology is hard to keep up with. In this brand new session, Steph will unpack the latest trends in hybrid events and help conference participants understand the future of conference participation. 


watch out for that!

hybrid event pitfalls
and how to avoid them

Any event organizer recognizes that live streaming your conference comes with pitfalls to avoid. Steph will educate your audience on the common pitfalls of hybrid events and help them win at live streaming with her helpful tips. 

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