Your audience needs to know about Hybrid Meetings. Hire an expert to speak and she'll stream it, too!

Speaking and Streaming 

Steph is a frequently requested speaker on hybrid events and topics of innovation. If you are interested in booking Steph to speak at your event, please call 612-247-4420 or complete this form.

Current Educational Sessions include: 

  • Buckle Up!: You're about to Enter a Hybrid Crash Course (Most requested session!)
  • The "Why" of Hybrid Events: What you Need to Know to be Relevant in 2018 (Brand New Session!)  
  • Watch out for that!: Hybrid Event Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


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Steph Speaks and Streams your Conference
After being asked to stream industry conferences where I was speaking, I decided to promote this as an option for everyone.

How does this work?
If I'm speaking and streaming, I significantly reduce my speaking fee and we do a revenue share. You will make money by offering a virtual stream of your conference. Let's talk more today about how we can work together!


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