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Does improving your annual conference keep you up at night? Attendance issues mean challenges!

Bring streaming to your event and get ready for glowing reviews from your enlarged and engaged audience.

Hybrid Events Authority, based in Minneapolis, specializes in helping you strategize and execute your next association event with live streaming hybrid event technology.

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discover what hybrid events can do for your association


Associations who have live streamed their conferences have discovered it to be a smart business strategy.

As an association executive, you have a passion to serve others as you grow membership. The future of increasing association membership lies in creating hybrid events that allow participants to experience what you have to offer from the comfort of their own homes and places of business.

When you partner with us, you'll experience the benefits of hybrid events for your entire association:



Capitalize on your live event by adding live streaming. The low barrier to entry of attending online is like giving a court-site experience for nosebleed pricing. More than 30% of virtual attendees choose to attend in person the following year and join as new members.



Jumping into live streaming your event requires technology expertise. Combining our event planning and technology know-how, we provide expert consulting to help you get jump started. Together, we'll create a live-streaming hybrid event that will grow your reach and build membership for your association. 


beep! Beep!
back up the money truck!

Increased revenue is a significant benefit to hosting a hybrid conference. Online streaming solutions almost always pay for themselves. The registration fees, sponsorship, and content recording sales add up fast. It’s a great way to pay for other member-related activities with your proceeds.



There are several areas that need special attention to stream a flawless meeting. From fully operational internet to a detailed, group-inspired crisis plan, it is essential to follow a defined procedure. Our experience in configuring our time-tested tools will keep any hybrid event as foolproof as possible.

our process

for your event's success

If you're ready to take the leap into live streaming your association event, then Hybrid Events is ready to help. Our streamlined process will help us work together to create a successful hybrid event. We combine our event planning and technological expertise to help you create an online event that exceeds your expectations. 


meets strategy

As in face-to-face events, we'll work together and base your decisions on the objective you wish to accomplish as a result of streaming your conference. Once your “why” is nailed down, hybrid strategy joins the party. We'll meet the needs of this group by knowing who they are. We'll review relevant data by starting with your in-person audience and creating a profile of your ideal live stream participant. 



Once we've established your objective and strategy, we'll look at the previous year’s F2F audience and developed a profile. Your profile will include items like time in the industry, sales production, years at the organization, and geography. We'll analyze data from your previous event to create profiles for in-person attenders and those who would likely attend virtually. Together, we'll create a content plan for live stream participants that will set up your hybrid event for success.  



Technology is the jelly to your PBJ sandwich. In other words, stop choking on a PB-only sammy! Hybrid Events Authority combines our expertise in event planning with our technological know-how so you can rest easy on event day.


content sales 

Your event is complete and you've shouted your who-hoos and given all the jumping high-fives. You’re done!

Or are you? You are sitting on hours and hours of quality content that shouldn’t collect virtual dust on a server. Once we finish the design work, we'll develop a plan to market your post-event content. We'll identify value, pricing, and packaging to help you make the most of the valuable content created by your conference. 

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If you're ready to take your association conference to the next level, then we're here to help you with hybrid event consulting. We offer two levels of services designed to meet your association's unique needs:


traditional consulting

with full service live streaming


Are you ready to get started with live streaming, but don't know where to start? Whether you're jumping into live streaming for the first time or are an experienced live stream veteran, we're here to partner with you. From our initial consultation, you can consider us as an extension of your team. We'll determine the a la carte services needed as we work together as much or as little as you would like. Working with us, we'll identify your unique needs and develop a services and consulting package to help you execute a successful hybrid event. 

revenue share option

with no expenses (or risk!) to you

Think of us as an event planner and technology genius rolled into one. Our full service live streaming takes the details of live streaming off your plate so you can focus on what matters...your conference attendees. While it may sound too good to be true, we specialize in doing the heavy technology lifting for association directors and event planners like you. We offer two distinct packages which include by project pricing and our no-fee option for select association partners. Our no-fee option is a no-cost hybrid conference experience where we provide the expertise, personnel, and onsite execution that you need. In return, we receive a percentage of revenue generated from your hybrid event. Not sure which option is right for you? Simply complete our contact form and we'll be in touch with an initial informational meeting. 



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