Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual and Hybrid Meetings Edition

1. What is a hybrid conference?
A hybrid meeting is an in-person meeting that is streamed live over the internet to an online audience viewing from their homes or offices. 

2. But, no one will come to my in-person conference if I allow people to attend virtually, right?
No! Cannibalization of your in-person audience is a well-documented myth! Hybrid conferences are actually attendance generators. Ask me how!

3. What is the Hybrid Experience like for a virtual attendee?
The Hybrid experience is one where the virtual participant is using their computer to watch the conference live.  Here is an example of what they would see.  


4. How will streaming my conference benefit my association?
Associations that stream their conference out to a virtual audience are seeing several benefits:
-- New streams of revenue from the virtual registrations, sponsorship and sales of content post-event.
-- Increases in attendance at future in-person conferences.
-- Expand your membership prospects by attracting non-members to view your hybrid conference.

5. Who is the virtual audience?
The virtual audience is a secondary audience comprised of those who would not have attended in person. This valuable group is only attracted by the low barrier to entry that is a virtual stream. 

6. Why stream your content to a virtual audience?
There is a world of prospective members that don't know about your association. Reaching this audience that is not aware of the quality of your content is a challenge without the low barrier to entry of a virtual opportunity.

7. I still own a pager and 8-track player. How will I understand the technology needed to produce a hybrid conference?
No worries! As your partner, HEA understands the technology, internet and the best streaming and platform companies to successfully produce your event.

8. What is Hybrid Events Authority, LLC?
Founded by innovator and hybrid conference thought leader, Steph Pfeilsticker will work directly with you on your event. She has produced over 50 hybrid events (that's a lot of hybrid events!) in the last six years and has seen it all! She's experienced, smart (MBA-educated), and focused on winning as a team with her clients. With a sense of humor she has been described as an absolute joy to work with. 

9. Our association doesn't have very tech-savvy members. Can they do this?
Yes! Yes! Yes! If your members own a computer with an internet connection, they can do this. Attending a hybrid conference is little more than click on a link and joining the session. Tech support is always available during hybrid conferences to help those who have a challenge. Typically less than 3% of virtual attendees have any kind of technology issue. Often times it is as simple as forgetting to unmute their volume.

10. Are hybrid conferences interesting enough to attend for several hours up to several days?
Yes! The hybrid conferences that HEA designs have a high level of engagement. Engagement is what keeps the attendee watching and absorbing your sessions. Chat, polling, and ask a question options are available in the platform where the attendee is viewing to keep them engaged. Additionally, including a virtual studio where a reporter-like host interacts with the virtual audience during in-person breaks and meals is also an option. This connection is essential to give the virtual viewer what they need to stay engaged during your conference.