Hybrid Event Strategy Course

Designed by a hybrid pioneer and expert in the field, the Hybrid Event Strategy course will give you what you need to successfully plan hybrid events for your organization. The course is practical, concise and reveals pitfalls that could derail your efforts. This course takes the experience of 8+ years of producing more than 75 virtual and hybrid events and concisely addresses every aspect of streaming an event or meeting.



discover how to live stream your next event

In our 14 session course, you'll work at your own pace to learn how to successfully plan our next live streaming event. 

course sessions include:

1.     Introduction to Hybrid Event Strategy
2.    Fundamentals of Virtual and Hybrid Event Strategy
3.    Case Studies: Unpacking first-time hybrid events
4.    Hybrid Event Design
5.    Budgeting
6.    Marketing
7.    Hybrid Team
8.    Risk Management
9.    Technology
10.   Internet
11.    Engagement
12.   Post event
13.   The Future of Hybrid Events
14.   Additional Resources


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Our course will help you learn the essential steps needed to plan and execute a successful live streaming event. Study at your own pace as we walk you through our step-by-step process and design an event your audience will love. 



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Hybrid Events Authority Course Session 1