Hybrid Event Consulting Options

How We Work Together

You may consider my role as an extension of your team. We can work together as much or as little as you would like. Some clients request that I take the project and run with it. While others would like to walk the process with me. I have a very flexible and personable disposition to work with you however you desire. 

--Define your Event Strategy to Event design
--Create Virtual attendee Engagement plan
--Share Revenue Generation strategy
--Hire and manage Streaming and Platform design partners
--Provide Speaker Training
--Implement Risk Management Practices

--Production management
--Tech support
--Event Execution

--Provide Metrics from event to ascertain ROI

1) Traditional Approach: 
--Client is charged a project fee based on the scope of work.
--You retain revenue.

2) No-Risk Hybrid Meeting*: 
--NO fee is charged for the same work as in the traditional approach. 
--HEA retains 80% of the revenue and you keep 20%. 
--Perfect for first time hybrid conferences!
* HEA needs to review past conference history to before engaging in this arrangement.