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Minneapolis Event Streaming

TEDxWomen Consumer-based Hybrid Event



With tickets selling out in 28 minutes, there was a significant demand for a virtual viewing option. Our goal was to give the virtual audience an experience from a virtual “front row seat.” To create that rich engagement, an emcee was dedicated to keeping the virtual audience in the moment with interviews from the night’s speakers, performers, key volunteers and audience members. A pre-show kicked off the virtual experience and interviews were held during the in-person audience breaks. The chat room was ablaze with eager attendees sharing their thoughts on the content.

Technical Details

We received the go-ahead to stream just 16 days before the event. With some hustle, HEA pulled together the team. That was until nine days prior to the event when the technical vendor had an accident and couldn’t continue. With strong relationships in the industry, HEA was able to fill our technical needs with an experienced partner. Together they pulled off an exceptionally engaging event!

Hybrid Fun Element

When you’re under pressure, either the best of worst squeezes out of a team. When you can maintain a sense of humor when the chips are down, nothing is impossible.

First-time Virtual Conference

Minneapolis Associations Streaming

association's first Virtual conference a success



The Association sought to reach a segment of the membership group that wasn’t able to attend the association’s annual conference. A virtual conference concept was selected to bring the group together to learn as a virtual community.

Technical Details

Videos were pre-recorded to remove the risk of internet fluctuations on the day of the broadcast. To retain the “live” aspect of the event, speakers called in after their session was broadcast and answered questions from the virtual audience via a host in the platform. Between that experience and the lively chat room, 95% of the attendees indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the event. 


A total of 150 attendees attended the two-day event with the association netting a profit.

Hybrid Fun Element

When I reached a point that horses neighing in the background was a normal element, we streamed some sessions from horse barns.

World Education Conference

Meeting Professionals International

2017 World Education Congress
June 19-23, 2017 


HEA provided the ever-crucial engagement as part of MPI’s Hybrid stream of their Annual Congress. Without engagement, a hybrid meeting can easily become bad cable access tv show! HEA provided virtual emcee services with the great Kristi Casey Sanders, MPI’s Director of the MPI Academy. Our role gave the global virtual audience a glimpse into what was happening at the Congress. In addition to on camera work, HEA also chatted with attendees during sessions in chat rooms. They kept the content alive and the attendees learning from each other in addition to the speakers.

SPINCon Hybrid Conference Live Streaming and Recording

Conference and Event Live Streaming 

2015 and 2016 SPINCon Conference Streaming
and Recording


Technical Details

In 2015, all sessions were recorded and streamed live in virtual conferences a few months later. Sessions were made available for sale as well giving the attendees more access to high quality content.

In 2016, HEA executed a Revenue share format. HEA paid all expenses and there was a profit split between the two parties. This proof-of-concept launched the RevShare program now offered to associations.