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This Spring my household became very familiar with fidget spinners. My kids shared that they were all the rage in their elementary school. Fidget spinners had previously been available and helpful for kids with ADHD. However, they weren’t universally known and certainly not offered in the impulse purchase section of retail establishments.  

Just like fidget spinners, the topic of virtual conferences has become hot of late. Its for good reason, virtual conferences make economic sense. Associations pay a reasonable fee to stream content and you charge a registration fee. It more than pays for itself.

Let me tell you how to do it. Just last month I produced a first-time Virtual Conference for an association. The results were tremendous. Their two-day conference ran from 9AM – 3PM. Each day five pre-recorded sessions were streamed. We pre-recorded to ‘fool proof’ any connectivity issues since the speakers were in different cities with varying degrees of bandwidth. While it would have likely streamed without incident, I saw it as a very inexpensive “insurance policy.”

After each session, the speaker participating in a Q&A with a staff host at the association’s office. The host was on webcam and the speaker called in. The virtual audience actively participated in chat and asked questions thanks to a chat moderator in the chat keeping conversation on topic. We took a 30-minute break for lunch and breaks between 3-8 minutes after each session.


The profit the association enjoyed is not unusual. Associations are easily seeing profits in excess of $50,000+. Yet other associations have driven more than $1M in profit. The relatively low cost to stream and my affordable fee to do all of the work is a fraction of the revenue potential.

Whether you have content from previous conferences or you like to put together new content, YOU WILL WIN by producing a Virtual Conference. If you’d like to explore this further to see if it’s a good fit for your association, you are welcome to contact me.

Steph Pfeilsticker